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You are welcome to choose any download method as per your convenience. But we recommend you download via torrents for two reasons:
  1. higher download speeds
  2. lighter load on our mirrors / network


Choose a download method
You can download it in 32- or 64-bit flavors. First, make a selection from the available methods of downloading. We ask that you use opt to use BitTorrent if possible to remove some of the stress on our systems, otherwise pick from SourceForge or one of our donated download servers.
With BitTorrent
From SourceForge
A Mirror


Burn & Use
Burn the downloaded DVD image, burn it to a USB thumb drive, or boot it through VirtualBox. Reboot your computer and set it to boot from DVD/USB. Voila! You have got a fully working OpenMandriva system up. OpenMandriva comes as a live system, so there is no need of installation to try it.

Thanks for downloading OpenMandriva Lx. Any issue should be submitted it to our Bug-Tracking system.

For more information please contact us or meet us @ freenode in the #openmandriva channel.

Follow and contribute to OpenMandriva Lx development in Cooker, and help give this distro more flavor.